Mumanu pregnancy pillow geeky stuff

The Geeky Stuff About Your Mumanu® Pregnancy Pillow

Why it really does what we say it does


When you lie on your side your hip joint and buttocks are pulled. The side of your pelvis that is pointing upwards will also pull down towards the mattress causing a twist in both your pelvis and your spine. Mattresses and sofas come in varying levels of firmness and so the firmer the surface the greater your body twists.


Around weeks 22-24 of your pregnancy, it is important for you to start lying only on your side for the rest of your pregnancy. You now have 40 per cent thicker and 40 per cent extra blood. When lying on your back, the weight of your uterus will compress the major blood vessels running up the right side of your spine causing dizziness and nausea in yourself and reducing oxygen supply to your unborn baby. That extra thick blood has a hard time getting around, along with the flattening of your lungs when anyone lies on their back making breathing more difficult, hence side-lying is internationally recommended. Your baby may also be pushing up into your rib cage and reducing your lung capacity which makes lying on your back or curled up when side-lying even more uncomfortable.


Another physiological phenomenon that happens when you’re pregnant is the increased release of the hormone Relaxin. This hormone starts releasing early on in your pregnancy to loosen up the joints and ligaments of your body and especially the pelvis to allow your baby to be carried and born more easily (during pregnancy your ribs must be flexible enough to move out of the way for your growing baby). Relaxin causes pregnant women to be more prone to joint tension and pains throughout the body as she tries to maintain posture. With the higher volume and thickness of blood and the increased level of joint flexibility caused by hormones, pregnant women are prone to lower back and hip aches and varicose veins. Placing a pillow between your knees isn’t enough to correctly support your spine, leg and hip joint and it puts too much pressure on your lower leg and thus restricts blood and lymph flow.


The Mumanu® pregnancy pillow works by keeping the hip, knee and foot of your upper leg at the same height without putting any pressure on the lower leg when side-lying. This also means that your blood vessels are not needlessly strained, preventing or protecting varicosities. Having your whole leg at this height allows your lower body to become aligned and relieves tension in the muscles of your leg, buttocks and lower back. It also takes pressure off your uterus and bladder because your leg is out of the way and your body is not twisting.


For a baby to position him or herself comfortably and correctly into your pelvis for a safer and easier birth, your pelvis needs to be in an anterior position. This means that your pelvis rolls forwards (pushing your bum out!) making the curve in your lower back more pronounced and arching your back, giving your baby the most amount of space to move into position. Having a pillow between your knees may put the pelvis into a posterior position meaning the pelvis is tucked under. As the body twists in this position it is difficult for your baby to have the space to move down correctly into the pelvis with their chin tucked to their chest.


During pregnancy you are restricted to lying on your sides rather than your back or stomach which can frequently cause you discomfort and a broken night’s sleep. Turning over in the night during pregnancy can be a slow mission due to the extra weight of your pregnant belly and the desire not to squash your baby. Because the Mumanu® pregnancy pillow is so comfortable you don’t need to turn over so often. When you do turn over the pillow is very easy to move to the other side.


The Mumanu® pregnancy pillow correctly aligns your pelvis and keeps your back either neutral or arched, helping your baby to comfortably and safely position themselves for a safer and easier birth. This makes the Mumanu® pregnancy pillow the ideal sleeping pillow for your final weeks of pregnancy and also during labour if you need to lie down.

Lying on your side with the Mumanu® pregnancy pillow may prevent many complications/interventions associated with foetal monitoring, epidurals and bed confinement because your pelvis is more comfortably positioned and your baby is able to move more easily. He/She will not be compressed as they are with a semi-reclining position.

You can also have someone rock you while you’re in this position if you decide to use an epidural. This will keep your pelvis moving and help baby to get down into your pelvis for an easier birth.

The Mumanu can also be knelt on during labour with a small amount of air inside, as you lean forwards onto something for support. You can then push each knee down one at a time to create a comfortable and easy rocking in your pelvis. Perfect for pain relief and getting baby into a good position


Other products on the market require you to place the pillow between your legs, putting undue pressure on your bottom leg, twisting your spine, pulling on your buttocks and making you hotter than you already are. These other pregnancy pillows may also lose shape with use as they are made of fabric filling, just like a normal sleeping pillow. They will not continuously keep your body correctly aligned and are often tricky to manoeuvre and bulky to store.

The Mumanu® pregnancy pillow has been made in response to these design faults giving you an ultra light, solid and comfortable support that can also be traveled with and stored easily when not in use.