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How to Use The Mumanu For Comfortable Sex Positions During Pregnancy

The Mumanu® Pregnancy Pillow makes the ideal mother’s day present, baby shower present or birthday present for all pregnant women and new mums (or even dad who wants to get more comfortable). In addition to the most comfortable night’s sleep, if you’re feeling loved up, you can even use your Mumanu® pillow during love making… here’s how…

By placing your fully inflated Mumanu pillow under your buttocks, to raise your hips up evenly, you will take the pressure off your back and veins. Adjust the air for your own comfort but make sure your lower back is off the mattress. This improved missionary position is far more fun as the pillow moves with you.

Alternatively (and especially after 34 weeks to help baby into an ideal position for birth), you can make love using your Mumanu® Pregnancy Pillow in the conventional way lying, with you on your side and your partner spooning you (since your Mumanu® goes under your top leg and NOT between your knees).This also leaves your partner free to move into other positions without you needing to change your position.

The Mumanu Pregnancy Pillow really is the perfect gift for pregnancy!