100% Guarantee Terms & Conditions

We’re so confident that you will find your Mumanu® pregnancy pillow more comfortable than what you are currently using, that if we are wrong we will give you a full refund!

If you’re finding the pillow hasn’t relieved aches or pains please contact us as straight away as it’s likely you’re not quite using it right. We would like to help you get the best night’s sleep before you decide to return your pillow so please contact us for some more advice.

Contact us first before you send it so we can tell you where to send it to and we know it’s on its way.

To qualify for this money back guarantee you must meet these criteria;

1. Proof of purchase is required to receive your money back.

2. The Mumanu® pillow must be returned in its original packaging and original condition (e.g. no damage or alterations).

3. You bought the Mumanu® within 14 days of contacting us.

4. You have used the Mumanu® pillow as per our instructions for no less than 7 consecutive nights (contact us straight away if it’s not working within that time so we can help you out).

5. When contacting us you must include a photo of yourself using the pillow so we can see if it is being used correctly and offer advice.

6. If payment was made by bank cheque, the cheque must have cleared before a refund can be given.

7. Mumanu® will not refund money spent on postage/ freight when originally purchasing the Mumanu® pillow.

8. Mumanu® is not responsible for the Mumanu® pillow during its postage/freight journey from the customer to the Mumanu® office.

If you have a fault with your pillow you may be covered by registering for the 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

If you would still like to make a claim from our 100% guarantee offer please complete the Guarantee Request Form and we will contact you as soon as we can.