Pregnancy Pillows

Benefits of your Mumanu™ Pregnancy Pillows

Mumanu™ Memory Foam Pregnancy Belly Pillow

No one tells you how heavy a pregnant belly gets before you have a baby! With the placenta, amniotic fluid and your growing baby, the weight quickly adds up. Having the equivalent weight of a few bags of sugar pulling on your back, uterus and belly each night as well as the pressure from your uterus on your other organs (e.g. stomach and lungs), the Mumanu Pregnancy Belly Pillow will be a welcome relief.

This gorgeous contoured pregnancy pillow wedge will help you to lie on your side without rolling too far forwards and giving your baby maximum space (so he/she doesn’t kick you all night!). By holding your belly in a neutral position you relieve the pull from the ligaments attached to your uterus and the base of your spine (what frequently causes sacrum pains).

Made from high quality memory foam, with a removable cotton cover, the Mumanu Memory Foam Pregnancy Belly Pillow will last throughout this pregnancy and future pregnancies without losing shape. buy-online

If you’ve been having trouble sleeping at night or been suffering from low back pains and a pulling feeling in your belly as you lie on your side, then you’ll love the Mumanu Memory Foam Pregnancy Belly Pillow. Actually… if you’re pregnant without any of these symptoms you’ll love this pregnancy pillow too! Have a go and see what you’ve been missing!


The Original Mumanu™ Self-Inflating Pregnancy Pillow

Mumanu-Pregnancy-Pillow-SNot everyone sleeps comfortably on their side which is a real issue when you’re pregnant and can’t sleep in any other position. Without support, the weight of the top leg pulls on the hip joint and sacrum and also twists the spine and knee. The Original Mumanu Pregnancy Pillow supports the whole of the top leg so as the hip, knee and foot are all at the same height. This relieves pressure and eliminates any twisting or pulling. Lower back and hip pains, as well as a range of other symptoms, are quickly relieved by the Original Mumanu Pregnancy Pillow in this side sleeping position.

We have made the Original Mumanu Pregnancy Pillow self-inflating so as it can be personalised to the user. The height of the pillow needs to be adjustable depending on the firmness of your mattress, sofa or therapy table and the size of your hips in relation to your leg to achieve the correct positioning. This is why other pregnancy pillows don’t work; they’re a one size fits all product.

Most pregnancy pillows are placed between your legs. This puts too much pressure on the bottom leg and pulls on the lower back. You’ll also find that these pillows do not support the whole leg or keep the hip, knee and foot at the same height. If the leg isn’t at the correct height you will experience discomfort and pains. Positioned correctly and your leg will feel weightless and your baby will have maximum space (so won’t kick you all night!). With the Original Mumanu Pregnancy Pillow, your bottom leg is behind the pillow so there’s no pressure on it. This also helps to keep you cooler.

The Original Mumanu Pregnancy Pillow and positioning are ideal for lower back and hip pain, varicose veins including blood and lymph flow, relieving pressure on your bladder (so reducing the trips to the toilet in the night!) and helping your baby get into a good position for birth (as you’re creating space in the pelvis and belly).buy-online

"I found the pillow nice and firm and didn't roll about as you would expect a cylindrical pillow to do"


"I was having annoying hip pain with my pregnancy. Since using the Mumanu pillow, and the technique Sam taught me for using it, that pain has disappeared. I'm thrilled!"


"Getting my leg up high in bed has made such a difference! It's unbelievable how it's made my back ache disappear and halved my trips to the loo! If I have any advice to give a pregnant woman it's to use the Mumanu® pillow as early as possible."


"I always feel like I can't get comfortable breastfeeding in bed because I feel like I'm trying to get close to my baby but without rolling on to him. The Mumanu® helped me to relax a lot more by supporting my weight and stopping me from twisting. Using it for sleeping the alignment in my hips felt much more comfortable and my buttocks could relax. I also found my digestion was much better when using the pillow!"

Cathy, Mother of Finlay

"I have to say this is the best purchase ever!!! :o) Now I’ve got the height correctly sorted I have the most comfy and solid sleep, no getting up 5 times a night any more. Sam has been totally awesome to deal with and very patient showing me the correct alignment and way to best set up my pillow. Can’t wait to see her soon for a massage :o) ”

Tash Lawrence

"I suffer mild pelvic discomfort (after having four children) and was sleeping with pillows between my legs to ensure a more comfortable night’s sleep. Sam told me about her wonderful pillow and I tried it. It is so much better than the variety of cushions and I tend to use it most nights. I love the research that Sam has done with her pillow and I know that it is beneficial for a wide number of people – pregnant or not!” Charlie Saunders

Other Benefits Include:

  • Takes the pressure off BOTH legs
  • Positioning keeps you cooler than normal pillows
  • Easy to change sides during the night due to its light weight
  • Because you will be so much more comfortable, you won’t need to turn over so much during the night
  • Can be used in front*, back* and side-lying positions
  • Ideal for Arthritis, Sciatica and other lower back, hip, knee and leg problems
  • May prevent/ ease varicose veins
  • May prevent/ ease water retention
  • Can be used from the start of your pregnancy right through until your baby is born and beyond
  • Easy to take with you to the hospital to comfortably and correctly align you if you have to lie down for any length of time during labour
  • Can be knelt on during labour with a small amount of air inside, and leaning forwards onto something for support and keepings your toes on the ground. You can then push each knee down one at a time to create a comfortable and easy rocking in your pelvis. Perfect for pain relief & getting baby into a good position
  • May prevent/ ease Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction
  • Makes more space for your baby, so better for your baby’s body
  • Can be used postnataly for side lying while breastfeeding in bed. The design will allow you to feel confident that you won’t roll over onto your baby and will let you safely sleep with your baby next to you.


    • Super easy to inflate/ deflate (necessary for pregnant women and the elderly)
    • Non-Toxic
    • Height adjustable for the perfect fit
    • Can be used in front*, back* and side-lying positions
    • Designed by a specialist massage therapist
    • Endorsed by the Osteopaths New Zealand
    • Easy to store
    • Very lightweight and therefore cheap to post
    • Easy to travel with on holiday or to the hospital
    • Comfortable and stylish fabric
    • Solid support
    • Will not lose shape (re-inflate when air releases)
    • Easy to clean
    • Made from TPU, a recyclable and biodegradable plastic


* We do not recommend lying on your front or back during pregnancy for the comfort and safety of you and your unborn baby.