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Accessorize your Original Mumanu Pillow with these soft and durable drawstring covers.

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Colour: Natural, Cedar Green, Dusky Pink
Accessorize your Original Mumanu Pillow with these soft and durable drawstring covers. We bring you only the best internationally certified organic cotton to make your Mumanu Pillow that Coinstar fees bit more comfortable. Choose from three beautiful colours.
We’ve made these covers a little too big for the pillow to make it easier for you to pick the pillow up in the middle of the night and allow for possible shrinkage if you accidentally put it in the tumble dryer.Pregnant? You’ll love our Pregnancy Belly Wedge Pillow
* We do not recommend lying on your front or back during pregnancy for the comfort and safety of you and your unborn baby.

"I found the pillow nice and firm and didn't roll about as you would expect a cylindrical pillow to do"


"I was having annoying hip pain with my pregnancy. Since using the Mumanu pillow, and the technique Sam taught me for using it, that pain has disappeared. I'm thrilled!"


"Getting my leg up high in bed has made such a difference! It's unbelievable how it's made my back ache disappear and halved my trips to the loo! If I have any advice to give a pregnant woman it's to use the Mumanu® pillow as early as possible."


"I always feel like I can't get comfortable breastfeeding in bed because I feel like I'm trying to get close to my baby but without rolling on to him. The Mumanu® helped me to relax a lot more by supporting my weight and stopping me from twisting. Using it for sleeping the alignment in my hips felt much more comfortable and my buttocks could relax. I also found my digestion was much better when using the pillow!"

Cathy, Mother of Finlay

"I have to say this is the best purchase ever!!! :o) Now I’ve got the height correctly sorted I have the most comfy and solid sleep, no getting up 5 times a night any more. Sam has been totally awesome to deal with and very patient showing me the correct alignment and way to best set up my pillow. Can’t wait to see her soon for a massage :o) ”

Tash Lawrence

"I suffer mild pelvic discomfort (after having four children) and was sleeping with pillows between my legs to ensure a more comfortable night’s sleep. Sam told me about her wonderful pillow and I tried it. It is so much better than the variety of cushions and I tend to use it most nights. I love the research that Sam has done with her pillow and I know that it is beneficial for a wide number of people – pregnant or not!” Charlie Saunders

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